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  The tradition of the art of catalonian glass traces back to past centuries, reaching his splendour in the 16th century, when the pieces elaborated were comparated to Murano models of that period.

  It was roughly during this period, that the city of Mataró turned into important school and manufacturing of the Catalan glass. In one of these factories, is where the Estrems family begins his tradition in the world of the glass until the day of today.

  The first glassmaker of the family that we have data is Pere Estrems(picture 1), which worked in one of the glass ovens of the city on 19th century final, where he realised artesanal works of crystal blown and the spinning of the same.

His children Josep (picture 2) and Francisco Estrems, followed the tradition of the Crystal Blown working in the Cristalleries of Mataró.

They were years of gold for the industry of the glass in our city. The manufacture of thermometers, light bulbs, articles for home, etc., converted Mataró in a privileged place for the formation of glassmakers. In that period arose many workshops with small ovens and blowers for the manufacture of balls, headed to the pearl and jewelery industry.

  The current factory Cristalls de Lluís Roca, s.l. had his origin in one of these small workshops situated to the back part of the familiar house (1952), in which were manufactured cabuchons and beads for jewelery.

  This workshop initiated his management in Pere Estrems's hands (Josep Estrems's son). Pere's professional sportive career diverted this management to his daughter who assumed it until principles of the years 70, when Lluís Roca (picture 3), his husband, took the relief of the workshop.

  Lluís Roca worked on the metallurgical industry, but he wanted to test in the world of the glass remaining there definitively. During the 80 and 90’s years, the workshop happened to be Manipulado of Cristal Lluís Roca, specialized in pearls and Murano glass.

  Nowadays the company has became Cristalls de Lluís Roca, s.l. directed by a new generation of the family, his children Montserrat and Lluís Roca (picture 4), devoting his work to the manufacture of pieces for jewelery, fashion jewellery and complements for wholesalers.

The main base of our pieces is the Murano glass. The work of blower, oven of gasoil and fussing are the technical for the preparation of destined pieces to customers that look for exclusivity in his settings.

The result of the experience of five decades plus the innovations that day by day the company incorporates, does Cristalls de Lluís Roca, s.l. a company of constant novelties in his products.

The future generation also wants to keep the glass tradition (picture 5).

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